Pre- Purchase

The Pre-Purchase inspection is highly recommended for many reasons. Knowledge of any issues or faults before committing to a purchase could save major repair or replacement expenses afterwards.

This is an example of a caravan I repaired. The customer bought the caravan from a dealer. After 5 months the owner noticed a wall in the caravan developed signs of water ingress: dampness and rippling of the wallboard. Sadly the dealer was not prepared to undertake the work. I identified the source of the leak, sealed it then repaired the internal wall.

Before the repair. The damage from the water ingress
The repaired wall

The Pre-Purchase Inspection could take up to 2 hours to complete depending on the condition of the caravan. At the end of the inspection you will receive a report highlighting any issues or faults. The report is then discussed with the customer. If required, a quote for the work to correct faults or carry out repairs will be provided.

Depending on the location where the caravan to be inspected is, there could a mileage charge to cover the cost of travel.

Please note that the Pre-Purchase inspection is NOT a service.

The Pre-Purchase Inspection includes many points but the key ones are:

  • Dampness Checks
  • Gas Checks
  • Electrical Checks
  • Operation of gas and space heaters
  • Operation of lighting (12v and 230v)
  • Check floor for delamination
  • Taps and water pump operation
  • Waste water pipework checks
  • Locks operation
  • Corner Steadies
  • Road Lights checks