Full Electrical Inspection

Electrical Inspection & Testing Reports

When do you need this service?

Caravans and Motorhomes experience movement, sometimes quite stressful on fittings, when being towed or driven. This movement puts a strain on the wiring itself if it is rubbing against something sharp, connections, switches, appliances, the consumer unit etc. There are many appliances in the caravan or the motorhome which depend on a safe supply of mains electricity, for example, battery charger, fridge if using mains power, microwaves, water and space heating etc.

Sometimes wiring and cables develop faults which are not easy to find and correct, intermittent faults is an example. Specialist equipment and a qualified service engineer will be able to pinpoint it a fault and rectify it.

This service is also required if additional wiring or appliances are added. For this a Minor Works Certificate is required.

For this reason the National Caravan Council (NCC), the Caravan & Motorhome Club, and leisure organisations strongly recommend that the 230 volts electrical system is checked and a Periodic Inspection Report is issued by an accredited service engineer.

As a NCC Accredited Electrical Service Engineer, the inspection and testing of the mains power systems I carry out will be conducted to the standards as laid down by the National Caravan Council. I am qualified to issue Minor Works Certificates and Periodic Inspection Reports.

Electrical Inspection Reports are also useful if you are thinking of purchasing a used caravan. Insurance companies also request electrical reports either as a requirement to issuing the insurance or as a consequence of a claim.

What is involved in the Electrical Inspection:

  • Polarity and Insulation test of the hookup extension lead
  • Testing of all 230 v sockets, each socket is removed and checked for wiring connection security
  • Checking and testing of Earthing and Bonding of ALL appliances and sockets
  • Testing of all Circuit breakers and fuses
  • Testing of RCDs to make sure they are still responding to their designed performance and regulations
  • Testing of polarity of all sockets and wiring
  • Checking the safety and operation of appliances and equipment
  • Checking of compliance of equipment with British Electrical Standards
  • A report is issued detailing the electrical condition of the caravan or motorhome, and any faults identified which need addressing
  • Where work is required to remedy identified faults, a quote for the cost of work and parts will be provided

The test usually lasts up to 3 hours and will require the availability of mains electricity.