It is very important to have a well serviced and maintained caravan. Apart from the continued enjoyment of the freedom and pleasure the caravan affords, having a safe and roadworthy caravan is not only essential but it is also a legal requirement. The Police regularly conduct stop and check on caravans; a faulty Breakaway cable could leave you stranded until you can source a serviceable and legal cable.

Insurance companies also expect a caravan to have been serviced and maintained by an accredited service engineer. Having servicing reports is vital if you wish to make an insurance claim.

Regular servicing will save money in the long run. A service involves many checks and tests (please see service schedule) which will detect early signs of potential problems such as water ingress or brake shoes replacement. Tackling these issues early will minimise having costly major repairs later.

I am very happy to discuss with you your caravan or motorhome servicing needs. You can contact me on the following:

Email: info@kinvercaravanservices.co.uk

Mobile Phone: 07816113664

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